About the group

Master Climate Solutions is a world leading brand in the production of portable equipments for:

heating, dehumidification, cooling and ventilation.

Master has been for over 50 years the number 1 brand
in the world for professional portable heaters.


Master Climate Solutions is a registered brand of Dantherm Group. Dantherm Group, with HQ in Denmark, is present in 13 countries with a subsidiary, including: Denmark, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Italy, Spain, Emirates, Sweden, China, Russia, Norway.

Dantherm S.p.A., located in Verona, Italy is the company engineering and manufacturing Master Climate Solutions.

A team of experienced engineers works full-time on the design and development of new products. Dantherm S.p.A. designs and manufactures mobile heaters, coolers, ventilators and dehumidifiers with the utmost reliability and safety standards, according to the most recent and rigorous European Standards and Certification Requirements of the most prestigious Quality Control and Homologation Institutes such as TUV and DVGW. Dantherm S.p.A., is ISO9001: 2015 certified.

There are several production lines, each one dedicated to a specific product line. These allow to achieve the highest quality as the workers and the equipment are specialized. Here are the assembly lines for gas, direct and indirect heaters.

All products are packed and stocked in a large warehouse, serving Southern Europe and oversea customers.