Inexpensive heating in outbuildings

Heating outbuildings is often a considerable challenge. Such structures are usually tall, spacious and poorly insulated. Using conventional heating systems consisting of a boiler room and a system of water radiators is very costly. Additionally, the operational cost of such solution is also extremely high.

When choosing a solution, you should always remember that warm air always travels upwards. The temperature will thus change depending on the height, at a rate of approx. 2.5°C/m. To reach 10°C in a 6-m high building, you will have to heat it up to 25°C. In poorly insulated buildings, this causes considerable heat losses.

Moreover, conventional heating requires the devices to operate non-stop. The temperature indoors cannot fall below 0°C (and, in reality, 5°C), as this will freeze the water and destroy the installation. Therefore, the system has to be supervised and operated around the clock, which further increases the cost. Farm buildings often require only temporary heating, frequently for as little as several hours a day. The temperature may fall below 0°C outside of these periods.

In such situations, a blow-heating system is by far the best solution. The new generation of devices can quickly heat any building at minimal energy cost. Blow heaters do not heat the building itself, just the air inside it. Owing to a low thermal inertia of the air, as well as the high efficiency of fans used in the heaters (reaching as much as tens of thousands m3 per hour), any temperature can be reached within a dozen or so minutes.

Master CT 50 P
When heating is not required, they can be stored in severe negative temperatures of up to several dozen degrees below zero without any harm to their functionality. The air circulation caused by the fan prevents warm air from gathering below the ceiling. They can be installed even in older buildings, as they don’t require any tubes, radiators or other installations. Moreover, they have a very desirable effect of drying the walls. This reduces mould and is thus beneficial to people, animals and the buildings themselves.

Considering the cost of heating outbuildings, the fuel used for the purpose should be as cheap as possible. As the prices of standard fuels, such as liquid gas, fuel oil and coal are currently spiking, wood seems to be the best choice. To meet our customer’s demands, Master Climate Solutions has introduced a wood-fuelled Master CT50 blow heating oven. This device was designed especially to heat outbuildings in keeping with all safety standards. You can find more information about this product here.