Gas heater MASTER BLP 17 M DC

10 - 16 kW
34.200 - 54.800 Btu/h
8.600 - 13.800 Kcal/h
Product size (l x w x h):
471 x 188 x 293 mm
Air displacement:
300 m³/h
Fuel consumption:
1,16 kg/h
0,7 bar
Packaging dimension (l x w x h):
550 x 230 x 300 mm
Electric power:
0,005 kW
Rated current:
0,4 A
Thermostat control:
Net / gross weight:
4 / 7,5 kg
Power supply:
110-240/50-60 or battery V/Hz
49 pcs

Model description

It works with lithium accu or with power adapter
It works at 14 V only and therefore offers the highest electrical safety
It is equipped with DC brushless motors and electronic board only 10% of a conventional AC heater
Equipped with Master Lithium Battery BAT3
Power adapter for 220 V AC or 110 V AC included
Manual ignition
Regulator includes safety valve which stops the gas flow in case
of cracks of the gas tube
Regulator and gas hose included
Motor with thermal protection
Overheat thermostat
Adjustable heat
8 hours battery run-time
40 minutes charge time


3Ah Master lithium accu: 8 hours run-time. More than 1000 recharges. 4106.312
Master accu charger: 40 minutes charging time. 4106.313
Power adapter for 220V and 110V

How it works

Combustion system - air flow


Ventilation of the room
is neccessary to prevent
a deficiency in oxygen supply.

Where to use

warehouses workshopsbuilding construction renovations agriculture

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