New dual voltage Master heaters for UK market


Master Climate Solutions, a leading manufacturer of portable space heaters and dehumidifiers, has expanded its heaters range with the launch of new dual voltage devices dedicated to British customers.

Due to the high interest on UK market as well as a part of its commitment to offer innovative solutions adjusted to clients’ needs, Master Climate Solutions includes in the offer three new dual voltage indirect oil heaters: BV 77, BV 170 and BV 290. Additional improvements like stronger cone or waterproof plastic box for electrical components prove it is the most advanced range of indirect heaters now designed for professional users in many fields of construction industry, logistics and others.

The new dual voltage Master products range includes also two bestsellers in UK: B 150 - direct oil heater and BLP 103 - a gas heater. In the new version of the oil heater some of the components have been replaced for easier maintenance and more responsive to the needs of users. The 103 kW gas heater then is the result of long design work of Italian engineers, who tracking the current market demand have created a device adapted to the UK market in the best way.

The dual voltage Master heater range perfectly complements also the existing offer for UK rental companies, giving them more opportunities to create attractive business offer with high quality tools.

All mentioned devices are already available from authorized Master dealers and rental companies across the country.