Periodical inspections of portable heaters - basic maintenance rules

Cold mornings in the autumn more and more frequently remind us that winter is approaching. While preparing for the arrival of frosty weather it is worth checking the condition of devices which helped us to fight the cold last year. Despite being resistant to difficult conditions, portable heaters also require maintenance.

A basic assessment of the device's condition can usually be performed on our own. First of all, the general condition of the heater should be checked - its cleanliness, the appearance of the casing and power supply cables. In the case of oil heaters it is necessary to check the fuel tank for oil or water retention. If oil is found in the tank it is necessary to check its quality.

Numerous impurities in the tank resulting from not using the device for a long period of time may cause its improper operation and even lead to a serious breakdown. It is also advisable to check the fuel filter and air filters in low-pressure oil heaters and the condition of the reducer, gas pipes and the tightness of connections in gas heaters. Additionally, one should make sure whether there is gas in the cylinder before switching it on. Paradoxically, the empty bottle cylinder is usually the reason for problems with starting the machine up.

Thus, the inlet grids, the tank, the fuel and air filters and the casing can be cleaned on your own.

Safety in the first place

The most important element of preparing the portable heaters for a new season is checking whether its technical condition does not pose a safety hazard. Starting a faulty heater may damage not only the device itself but it may also put the health and life of people working in the area of its operation at risk - warns Marcin Czerwiński - a technical advisor at MCS Poland, manufacturing Master portable space heaters.

Should you have any doubts about the heater's condition, seek assistance of the nearest service point. Smoke stains on the casing, the fan rubbing against the casing, traces of fuel leakage or improper burning of fuel (manifested by white or black smoke), are just some of numerous reasons for which it is necessary to seek professional assistance.

Standard inspection

In gas heaters service technicians usually check thermocouples and electro valves and the condition of the ignition system. Owners of oil heaters, on the other hand, may expect adjustment of the pressure, cleaning of the burner and the combustion chamber or replacement of worn or faulty parts such as the fuel filter or air filters. Components controlling and regulating the operation of the device are usually checked as well as the tightness and patency of the fuel hoses.

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In the process of planning the start-up of the heater after a longer break a few important issues need to be considered. The intensity of the operation of the device up to date is important. Heaters working for several hours a day all winter will require a more detailed inspections than those used only occasionally, in exceptional situations. An authorized service should be visited whenever there are any doubts about the operation of the device or if there are visible defects or the machine is in bad technical condition.

Authorized service

It should also be remembered that if the heater is relatively new, numerous repairs may still be covered by the warranty. For your own safety experimenting should be avoided and users should not attempt to maintain the device on their own if it is obvious that it needs to be seen to by a specialist. It needs to be emphasized that using authorized services we can rest assured that our heater will be checked by professionals and provided spare parts will be original. In this way we can be sure that the heater will be in good working order in subsequent heating seasons.

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