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Portable oil heater MASTER BV 170

47 kW
160.400 Btu/h
40.400 Kcal/h
Air displacement:
1.800 m³/h
Fuel consumption:
3,9 kg/h
Tank capacity:
65 l
Product size (l x w x h):
1335 x 575 x 1000 mm
Power supply:
220-240/50 * V/Hz
Rated current:
3,5 A
Thermostat control:
Packaging dimension (l x w x h):
1330 x 650 x 1000 mm
Electric power:
0,8 kW
Flue tube Ø:
150 mm
Blast opening Ø:
340 mm
Net / gross weight:
65 / 84 kg
Fuel autonomy:
14 h
1 pcs

* dual voltage available

Model description

Clean hot air
Possible connection to an optional room thermostat
Possible connection to a flexible tube
Flue gas exhaust
High air flow
Electric control panel humidity and dust proof
(Ingress Protection IP44)
Overheat thermostat
Transparent external suction filter
Three oil filters: oil pump filter, suction filter and inlet filter
Electronic flame control with photocell
Heat exchanger
Stainless steel combustion chamber
Oil tank with level indicator
Trolley included
Easy maintenance with external pump
Strong and long lasting construction
Diagnostic LED


Fuel pre-heater - 4031.120
Room thermostat TH 5 with cable
3 m - 4150.109, 10 m - 4150.112
range: 0-36°C, accuracy: ± 1,5°C
Digital thermostat THD with 5 m cable
IP 55 - 4150.106, for heaters made in Oct 2015 or later
Adaptor ring kit, Ø 400 mm
Flexible 7,6 m coated tube
1-way outlet
Ø 407 mm - 4031.401
2-way outlet
Ø 305 mm - 4515.553
Require the use of coupling set.
First 2m (black part) are made of a material resistant 150°C.
Hose binder included.

Flexible tubes white, Ø 407 mm
7,6 m - 4515.589
Diffuser Ø 400 mm - 4517.745
Rain cover - 4514.651
Air recycling kit - 4100.826
2-way outlet
2 x Ø 310 mm - 4033.230

How it works

Combustion system - air flow


Ventilation of the room
is neccessary to prevent
a deficiency in oxygen supply.

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