Put a stop to moisture and dangerous fungi - new dehumidifiers by Master available now


Master Climate Solutions, a manufacturer of high quality space heaters and dehumidifiers, has introduced two new dehumidifier models into the market: DH 752 and DH 772. The devices are intended for demanding clients who emphasize high capacity and durability as the most important parameters. Hence, the new series of dehumidifiers will be perfect for works related to removing the effects of flooding and permeation, reconstruction works as well as for servicing offices, libraries or archives.

New models are, first and foremost, highly robust and may be used in very difficult working conditions. They also feature improved ergonomics. One of their major advantages is the highly resistant metal frame and very durable wheels and grip which enables easy transportation of the device. Another noteworthy feature is the working time counter, this device serves an important function for construction equipment rental. Working time and energy consumption control allows for easy and fair settlement with your customers.

Both devices are fitted with a built-in humidistat to check relative humidity. DH 752 model capacity is 46,7l/24h assuming ambient temperature of 30°C, and relative humidity of 80%. The other dehumidifier model achieves the capacity of 72l/24h in the same working conditions. The device is also fitted with a tank-fill control system - the dehumidifier automatically shuts down when the container is full. Emptying the tank is very fast and easy, thanks to a magnetic catch which supports the hatch as the water container is removed. Alternatively, water can also be drained by connecting a hose.

New models of Master dehumidifiers are also fitted with an electronic control panel and an air filter in the front panel, which can be easily removed for cleaning. Due to their high functionality, DH 752 and DH 772 models will most likely become highly competitive in comparison to the dehumidifiers currently available on the market.