The best PACHINO tomatoes grow up with MASTER DF 20


The great installation of 200 pcs. of Master ventilators DF 20 was made on the tomatoes plantation in south Italy. In the huge greenhouses tomatoes called PACHINO are grown – the very juicy, small and rounded type of those vegetables.

The climate inside the greenhouses is very hot and humid. The Master ventilators are used there to keep a proper air circulation. Moving the air the ventilators prevent the growth of dangerous mold on the plants.

The installation was done at the height of approx. 250 cm. The fans are fixed to the basic frame of the greenhouse. They are also connected to a humidistat to easy control the inside level of humidity. When the air humidity is at a high level the fans work even all day long.

Master ventilators were tested for many months of continuous work before they were installed. DF 20 are perfect solution for such application – they are very robust and reliable. They are easy to install and might be hang on the walls or ceilings. They have also both: horizontal and vertical 360° rotation and the air stream is easy to adjust as well. The air displacement is 6,600 m³/h for each unit, which usually works at the third fan speed for the shown application.